Al Robbat, Tuft University Boston, USA

Simone Scalabrin

Albert Robbat, Jr. is the Director of the Tufts University Sensory and Science Center and is on the faculty in chemistry. Dr. Robbat teaches graduate level analytical chemistry courses, which include mass spectrometry, separation science, and instrumental analysis. Professor Robbat’s research interests focus on instrument, software, and method development. His objective is to quantify target and nontarget compounds accurately in complex mixtures and to track concentration changes in food and beverage products as a function of extreme weather events and at hazardous waste sites, where he has developed a biopolymer/adsorbent reactor for remediating contaminated soils and sediments.
Sensory and Science Center Homepage: http://as.tufts.edu/tussc/ Chemistry department
Homepage: http://ase.tufts.edu/chemistry/robbat/

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