The Plenary Lectures are scheduled for 45 minutes.
The time scheduled for Oral Presentations is 20 minutes, including discussions. The times allotted to each presentation are shown in the programme available on the website.

The lecture rooms will be equipped with projection facilities. The file format preferred for the presentation is ppt for Office. PDF files can also be used. The use of MAC file format is discouraged as well as zip disks. Mac users should be equipped with their own PC’s adapter.

To avoid technical problems, personal laptops cannot be utilized; a USB drive should be provided.

Presentations should be uploaded by the technician during one of the breaks well in advance of your presentation, so it can be checked and loaded onto the PC in the lecture room.

The presentation uploading room - Slide Center Guarini, located on the ground floor is available Monday – Wednesday during conference hours.

Speakers should meet the chairperson and provide him/her with a short CV (3-5 lines maximum) 20 minutes prior to the beginning of their session. Speakers are invited to familiarize themselves with the microphone and laser pointer.

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